Color, texture, form and shadow are the building blocks of all that we see. But only LIGHT can bring these elements to Life


In many homes and offices, LIGHT is understood in its functional aspects. Rarely is it understood in terms of its artistic qualities. Lighting is more than utilitarian – it is theater! How an object is illuminated is just as important as what is being focused upon. That is what makes Illuminations Lighting Design unique. We combine practical experience with aesthetic taste to light the stage of your everyday experience.

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Why Illuminations is Best of the Best

Why Illuminations Lighting Design?

Each area of service is staffed with outstanding experts that understand the impact their efforts have on your home. No other lighting firm is able to provide such a well-rounded service line or a more informative Lighting & Home Automation Blog. But do not just take our word for it. Just ask Lance Armstrong, George W. Bush, or dozens of other commercial clients or residential clientele, across the great State of Texas who have enjoyed our lighting services.

Areas of Focus:

Our main areas of focus include lighting design, landscape lighting, fine art lighting, display lighting, commercial automation, home lighting control systems and audio/visual media, as well as general electrical contracting. Because we offer a full range of services, we can meet virtually any electrical and lighting needs. No project is too narrow, or too broad.

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