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Architectural Lighting Designer

If you are the owner of a large custom home, you will need architectural façade lighting to bring out the full majesty of its form.  Houston home lighting specialists can illuminate your home with a variety of light sources to showcase the architecture and surrounding landscape.

The strategy we follow for landscape lighting services is based upon a synthesis of concealment and layering. We do not want the fixtures we use to light your house exterior to show unless they are deliberately manufactured to work as decorative adjuncts to architectural keynotes.  Instead, we want the light they emanate to constitute the design itself.

In architectural façade lighting, this light must accent key features of your home’s architectural façade.  Light layers must also occasionally blend with other layers of light to create warm fields of luminance.  Finally, shadows also play a much more important role in Houston home lighting than you may assume at first glance.  Without interplay of light and shadow, the front of your house would look flat if lit only by a single layer of bright light that canvassed its entire surface with no variance.

If large oak trees are growing near the house, these, too, will play an important supportive role in architectural façade lighting.  Mercury vapor tree lights create a dappled interplay of light and shadow that falls from the trees and pools on the ground.  Not only will it accent eaves and home corners as it descends, but it will also provide much needed security lighting that is always included in any Houston home lighting plan we custom design for homeowners in our city.

If you have flower beds, shrubs, or even small trees growing in front of your house, small halogen up lights, concealed in the planting area, will gracefully illuminate the façade showing detail and relief.  The warm tone of the halogen lighting also enhances special elements such as limestone frequently used by architects who specialize in custom home lighting design.

When our Houston house lighting team does use noticeably visible fixtures in architectural façade lighting, we often mount decorative gas lanterns on either side of the front door.  Many different lantern styles can be obtained from our manufacturer sources that will accentuate the specific architectural style of your home and frame your front door with a dancing flicker and old school charm.

Small recessed down lights can be concealed in the overhang above the front porch to cast another layer of attractive, yet also highly functional light over its surface.  If you choose to invest in a lighting control system, we can connect these lights to dimmers so you can control the perfect amount of light depending on the event or the mood.

If you have steps that ascend to a walkway that leads up to your front porch, Houston home lighting designers can keep these areas bright and safe with recessed step or path lights installed in the brick retaining walls that lead up to the walkway.   These lights let people see clearly where they are walking, and they provide an additional touch of security lighting in front of the home.

Since 1980, ILD has continued to rise to an increasingly prominent position of leadership among Houston lighting design firms. Contact us at 713-863-1133 for a complimentary meeting in your home or office to learn more about creating a landscape lighting plan developed just for you can light your world in a whole new manner.

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