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Since the beginning of our history, human beings have expressed themselves through art.  Creativity appears to be the one thing we all have in common, and the one thing above all others that crosses cultural lines and transcends the limitations of time.  When we think of art as a phenomenon in this sense, we quickly realize there is far more to the world of art than paintings and prints.  Works of art can take any number of forms and can literally create entire atmospheres from homes, galleries, and offices.  Knowing this, Illuminations Lighting and Design has built an inventory of highly sophisticated artwork lighting engineered to meet the unique lighting requirements of sculpture, statuary, rare collectables, custom and handmade furniture, and antique collections.  Our technicians have trained and worked for many years in both private and commercial artwork lighting, earning a reputation throughout Houston and greater Texas as a premier authority on this subject.  This is because we approach each new client as consultants, taking the necessary time in each case to carefully analyze our client’s artwork and light his or her collection with theme, effect, and preservation of aesthetics foremost in mine.  Not only can we add style and elegance to the pieces that you have built a lifetime accumulating, but we can also light artwork that is very old and sensitive to normal light by using proprietary equipment and illuminations techniques exclusive to Illuminations Lighting and Design and its partner manufacturing company Phantom Lighting.

Our artwork lighting consultants approach each new project with two things at the forefront of their minds: accent lighting for theme and display lighting for artwork collections and unique individual pieces.  To accommodate the many genres we encounter in the field, we have developed new technology in our Phantom Contour Projectors that light artwork and sculpture surfaces with such precision that the light actually appears to be coming from within the work of art itself.  This technology also enables us to manipulate ultraviolet and infrared radiation so as to preserve your artwork with light that is literally customized to the task of preservation and enhancement.  The value of preserving a rare collectable or original one of a kind is truly priceless, and ILD has both the technology and the awareness necessary to protect your investment from deterioration and damage.

ILD knows that every collection of artwork needs lighting that reflects the uniqueness of its components and the aesthetic vision of the individual homeowner and collector.  Several years ago, we realized that standard art lighting equipment simply couldn’t deliver the versatility and specialization that most art requires.  We began at this time to explore developing new technology ourselves, and we eventually created and patented the Phantom Strip Lighting System that provides cost-conscious, low-voltage artwork lighting for coves, furniture, bookcases, and a variety of other surfaces previously impossible to illuminate directly.  The Phantom Strip Lights remain hidden from view, showing only the light they emit without the distraction of a visible fixture.  This patented technology is extremely user friendly and allows you to move individual shelves without having to rewire the equipment or use any special electrical tools.  Using this proprietary form of artwork lighting available only through ILD and Phantom, we can install a lighting layout that remains dynamic and expandable as you continue to add to and grow your private collection.

Call Illuminations Lighting Design today at 713-863-1133 to learn more about this revolutionary technology, and find out more about how our team of consultants can use it to light a whole new world for you beginning now.

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