Attractive Home Security Lighting for Mansions


There is a common misconception among our population that security light has to be ugly to be effective.  To the contrary, various forms of illumination used for security represent some of the most beautiful forms of Houston home lighting found anywhere in our city.

This holds particularly true for ILD residential customers in secluded mansions in neighborhoods like River Oaks, Tanglewood, and the Memorial Villages. Many of these homes are set back far from the road in order to protect the privacy of the homeowner.  While this keeps the home out of sight from curious motorists, more is required to keep the home safe from anyone who ventures onto the property uninvited.

A variety of highly attractive Houston home lighting plans can be custom designed for any large home like this that will beautify its architecture while keeping the property safe from undetected trespass. For example, gated homes that are often covered in ivy are typically heavily shrouded in shadow because the thick vegetation blocks both moonlight and street lighting.  Guests waiting at the gate can be comforted and protected with a subtle glow that emanates from concealed fixtures that can deter would be assailants from coming up on the guest in the dark.

Houston home lighting teams from ILD often continue this theme of subtle, yet very noticeable security light, by concealing mercury vapor lights in trees that tower over the gate and line the driveway leading up to the house. This always provides ample security for those entering the property from the street.  It also generates a spectacular display of light and shadow that highlights the tree foliage as guests move through a tunnel of light as they approach the front of the home.  Tree lights mounted very high in the trees near the house provided shielded down lighting that further enhances the property with aesthetic security lighting.

To maintain a consistent aesthetic throughout the property, Houston custom home lighting teams will usually conceal small halogen up lights in the vegetation growing around the home to gracefully illuminate its façade. This brings the guest face to face with the detail and magnificence of the home as it rises up into the night.  It also provides security lighting for the entire front of the house regardless of where a person stands when he or she exits a vehicle.

Accent lights frame the front entrance which accentuate the architecture and provide a sense of welcome. The front door of the home is the center point of its façade and always gets special attention in our Houston home security lighting plans.  Sometimes decorative lanterns reflective of the historical nature of the home’s architecture are placed on either side of the door.

Other architectural styles may call for something more specialized to compliment the home façade.  Fixtures are carefully matched to brickwork in both instances. Light intensity is carefully calculated to generate ideal security lighting around the front door, but glare is strictly controlled in order to protect the comfort level of the eyes of people approaching the front door.

If you are concerned about security lighting at your home or office, let the professional high-end lighting designers at ILD assist you today.  We can be reached locally at 713-863-1133 , outside of Houston toll free at 800-863-1184 or online by requesting a design proposal. You can also join us on Face Book.

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