Hotel Lighting Means Business

Hotel lighting increases business for luxury resorts and five star chains by making clearly visible the many distinguishing amenities that make a particular facility stand out as a preferred location.  Hotel lighting requires not only the most durable and sophisticated outdoor lighting equipment, but it also requires an advanced knowledge of landscaping and architecture to properly light the hotel structure itself and aesthetically illuminate the surrounding property.  Illuminations Lighting and Design travels nationwide to develop custom hotel lighting systems that improve hotel security, provide lighting for evening events, and improve the visibility of exquisite landscaping, architecture, and decorations so as to attract a larger clientele for the business.

Architectural lighting forms the very backbone of superior hotel lighting.  A truly impeccable facility no doubt features many architectural keynotes that differentiate it as superior to surrounding structures.  While these features clearly stand out during daylight hours, nightfall wraps their uniqueness in obscurity and hides the attractiveness of the facility.  ILD solves this problem by installing architectural lights on the hotel building itself.  We take a less-is more approach to this task, being careful to limit both the number of fixtures themselves and the sizes of fixtures we deploy.  Having partnered for many years with a number of elite architectural firms, and having formed solid partnerships with the world’s top-rated commercial lighting manufacturers, we can assess the nuance of any structure’s specific design, select one or more key fixtures to illuminate its elements, and utilize award-winning design strategies to position the fixtures at angles that offer the widest dispersal of light.  Lighting the hotel surface with a “washing” of light brings the entire edifice into a prominent position along the skyline.  Another layer of architectural accent lighting further emphasizes ornamental design work, balconies, flagpoles, and window design.  This creates two or more layers of light that make the entire structure glow with an ambient aura of sophistication and elegance. There is no better advertising that a structure that changes darkness to light and stands preeminent along the thoroughfare.

In a society highly conscious of security and personal safety, it is absolutely critical for hotel lighting to illuminate the entire property with sufficient levels of brightness that deter variant elements who utilize shadows and darkness as opportunities for criminal mischief.  Parking lots and parking garages that are brightly lit and glare free make guests feel safer and are also easier for security personnel and security cameras to view.  However, parking lots lights around hotels do not have to appear ordinary or unattractive.  Illuminations Lighting distributes a number of parking lot poles and lights designed to output high levels of foot-candles in full compliance with government regulation.  By using an ornamental fixture to support a very necessary, practical device, our hotel lighting designers can give something as standard as a parking lot a decorative flair congruent to the landscape and architecture of the resort.  We can compliment these fixtures by adding bollards in the green areas surrounding the parking lot, creating the optical effect of two levels of light that encircle guests the moment they arrive on premises.  Hotel lighting specialists will also eliminate shadows from the parking garage with architectural lighting and uplighting fixtures that will create a wash of light along the front and side edifices, thus clearly illuminating all areas leading too and from the parking garage.

Hotel lighting professionals also will work to unite the architectural beauty of the building and the security lighting of the periphery with aesthetic landscape lighting layers that compliment the amenities and nighttime activities that occur on premises.  Guests who like to stay up late and go for walks outside can enjoy the full beauty of water features accented by moon shadow effects produced by mercury vapor lights carefully concealed in trees.  Accent lighting along hotel walkways accentuates stonework and decorative elements that add to the beauty of nighttime strolls.  Corporate event planners tend prefer hotels with lighting that allows for both activity and full enjoyment of the resort regardless irrespective of late hours.  Keeping the lights on can land a bid for the next convention or major trade show that comes to town.

Investing in a hotel lighting system custom to one’s facility can actually lead to a direct and measurable increase in both clientele and corporate revenues.  Our team of specialists keeps profitability on equal footing with desirability with each project we undertake.  Call today for a complimentary consultation.  We travel nationwide to light the way for superior amenities, events, and memories.

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