Kitchen Lighting Design


Kitchen Lighting continues to grow in popularity as people look for ways to make the practical more pleasing to the eye. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home and warrants special attention to both function and aesthetic. Illuminations Lighting and Design can take the light in your kitchen from simple utility to elaborate motif with a team of highly trained and experienced experts, and kitchen lighting equipment from the best manufacturers on the planet. As both consultants, electricians and vendors, you can trust ILD to bring light to your kitchen in ways you never before imagined with an investment that will bring you a return of enjoyment and personal comfort you will never regret giving yourself.

As we service clients throughout the Houston area and greater Texas, we maintain an inventory that can light kitchens of all sizes and floorplan in any home we encounter. Texas is larger than some small countries (having once been a country itself), and consequently brings a market variety to the table that demands versatility in both equipment and design. Our inventory of kitchen lighting equipment accommodates this demand with options in kitchen ceiling lights, recessed lighting fixtures, pendant lighting for kitchen ceilings, puck lights, and under cabinet lighting, just to name a few. We also have kitchen strip lights and cabinet lights that eliminate dark corners in storage space and pantries.

With a virtually limitless inventory that enables us to light any kitchen in Texas, Illuminations Lighting and Design can focus more on consultation, automation, planning, and designing your kitchen lighting layout than competing companies who often have to wait weeks at a time to order the basic components before undertaking an installation. Our creative team already has the supplies on hand, so we begin with an interview to understand what emotional and aesthetic elements you are looking to create. With this information, we develop a detailed schematic that shows you with drawing board clarity exactly how your new kitchen design will light your personal vision with a solution both attractive and practical.

With a geographic customer base of our size, we have to maintain a versatile stance to each new kitchen lighting project we implement. For older, rural homes, we can transform a small kitchen with a single ceiling light and a few simple track or cabinet lights. In larger kitchens, we can build a complex lighting theme by layering several simple lighting designs into complex patterns that combine task and function with décor and ambience. Many residential home customers in Houston, Austin, and Dallas county routinely seek us out as one of the few kitchen lighting vendors that can supply not only the high-end equipment they desire but can also install these devices with creative, superior design skills.

Imagine how the light from a single chandelier can bring both beauty and function to your kitchen. Think of the many ways those handcrafted cabinets can look even more superb with a few under cabinet lights or even rope lights. If you spend a lot of time preparing food over a large counter, consider some unique task or pendant lighting options that will make your preparation more of a joy than eyestrain. We can even create kitchen lighting themes for special event hosting or cooking demonstrations. Call us today and see just how much light we can shine on your individual dreams.

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