Landscape Lighting Design Houston Home Garden

Houston residential neighborhoods are constantly growing and expanding. As more and more people flock to this highly populated region, the need to stand out from the crowd becomes a vital necessity. Homeowners love to showcase their abodes every chance they get, but no residence can stand on its own without superior home and garden lighting.

Home and garden features, such as flowerbeds, trees, and decks deserve attention. Having the proper type of landscape illumination in place is a great way to impress onlookers. The interior of your Houston residence should not go unnoticed either. Installing the right kind of light fixtures can make all the difference between an ordinary space and one that shines above the rest.

Illuminations Lighting Design has over 25 years of experience in home and garden lighting design. Our services include installation, maintenance, audio video, and residential automation. We also specialize in home and garden lighting, mood illumination, along with architectural design to give your abode the most brilliant look possible.

Our Houston experts will work in conjunction with interior designers, architects, custom homebuilders, and residents to achieve the highest quality of home and garden illumination in any given space.

Your Houston home and garden theme should always take all features into consideration. The exterior of your home is what people see first, and will give them that lasting first impression. Your outdoor space should bring forth color, as well as joy, even after the sun goes down. ILD professionals can perfect your beautiful Houston home and garden by properly installing state of the art lighting fixtures around your property.

Our lighting professionals install all outdoor fixtures in a safe, efficient manner. A site plan will be drawn up for your Houston residence, highlighting areas such as trees, water features, as well as flowerbeds, which will play a role in the design itself. A CAD drawing will further enhance where your design is going by numbering home and garden lighting fixtures by location, size, and wattage.

When installing lights near your Houston home and garden, our experts will use the appropriate safety measures. Climbers use ropes and ladders when mounting light fixtures onto trees. In addition, stainless steel bolts are used to mount the lights, so that tree growth and expansion are not affected.Houston homeowners can expect a professional landscape crew of installers who know their tools, and how to harness the light to maximize your visual experience during the evening hours. Our landscape crew is experienced in all forms of outdoor home and garden lighting. Whether the job requires simple low voltage systems or high tech mercury vapor systems, all of your Houston home and garden lighting needs will be met.

Once you have your outdoor landscape squared away, please invite us into your abode for a full illumination makeover. Every Houston residence has its treasures, and we want to help you show off everything you own. Our interior lighting fixtures are designed with one thing in mind: perfection. Residential automation fixtures and lighting control devices can set a mood in every room, while controlling key aspects such as light level, security systems, and even temperature! Other fixtures, such as the Phantom Contour Projector, will bring all of your works of art to life. No job is too big for us too handle, and in Houston the bigger the better.

Illuminations Lighting Design wants to give Houston residents the perfect place to live. Our experience in home and garden lighting will thrust your abode into the spotlight of divine elegance. Floral colors only seen by daylight can now be enjoyed during the evening hours, when you are hosting that special get together. Your guests will also be overwhelmed by your beautiful interior under our state of the art light fixtures. ILD’s home and garden lighting will showcase all the hidden beauty within your Houston residence, and get the new neighbors talking about how to compete with your innovative design.

Contact us toll free 800-863-1184800-863-1184 for a free consultation to get started on landscape lighting for your home or garden  that it second to none.

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