Landscape Lighting Design Houston Texas

The immense city of Houston, Texas keeps its residents on the go. People who live in this beautiful metropolis take pride in their work, especially when it comes to landscape decorating. Many residents embellish their homes and businesses with scenic floral arrangements, along with picturesque features such as fountains, waterfalls, and pebble pathways. There is plenty of greenery in Houston as well. Many trees dot the city’s landscape, including oak, weeping willows, and palms.

However, residents usually have very little time during the daylight hours to enjoy the scenic splendor of their surroundings. By the time people get off from work, evening has usually settled in.  Beautiful accents that were noticeable by day are now hidden under the darkness of night. Landscape lighting can change all of this.

Illuminations Lighting Design (ILD) has over 25 years of professional experience in the lighting industry. Our devoted experts will work with any Houston residential or commercial site to ensure that the proper type of landscape lighting is installed. Many of our professionals have broad backgrounds in full lighting design, art, and architecture. This education is blended in to fit your landscape theme, in order to give you the most beautiful lighting during the evening hours.

Designing the perfect landscape takes a lot of hard work and energy. Houston residents usually find themselves working long hours and can only devote so much time to their outdoor surroundings. Most projects are done when residents are not busy in the office or attending to other pressing matters. When the design is complete, residents have little time to enjoy their labors since many Houston residents have to work during the day. This only leaves the evening hours, and that is where our lighting experts step in to work their magic.

Illuminations Lighting Design’s professionals allow Houston residents to take back that lost time with a gorgeous display of outdoor lighting. Experts from our award-winning company will work hand in hand with you to get your landscape lighting design perfected. A site analysis will be drawn up showing you how your design will look with your existing features. A CAD drawing will further break down the location, size, and wattage of all landscape light fixtures that will soon be installed.

Once our professional crew arrives at your Houston Home or business, work will commence in a safe, efficient manner. We have the best safety equipment in the illumination industry. All of our climbers use ropes and ladders when mounting landscape light fixtures in high places such as trees. We also use stainless steel bolts to mount the light fixtures, so that future tree growth will not be hampered.

Your Houston landscape needs the right touch and Illuminations Lighting Design can do just that. Our top-notch professionals install ground and tree light fixtures, which radiate a source of soft, even illumination. We know the proper locations to install your illumination fixtures, and how to harness the light to give your Houston landscape all that it deserves.

Other Houston home and commercial services include custom lighting details, photo metrics, energy code documentation, along with site analysis and recommendations. We also offer special services in audio video and home automation. ILD is ready to bring Houston to the forefront of modern day technology.

Houston, Texas is a wonderful place to live and an even better place to decorate. The vast landscape of this sprawling city gives residents and businesspeople alike the opportunity to shape their environment into a beautiful work of art. However, no outdoor design is complete until you can enjoy the fruits of your labor after sundown. Illuminations Lighting Design wants to expand your viewing pleasure into the evening time with our superior landscape light fixtures. All Houston residents deserve to see their colorful outdoor universe any time they choose, and ILD is ready to illuminate your life.  See for yourself by viewing our Lighting & Home Automation Blog.

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