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IMG_1692Home and business owners in Houston, Texas are always looking for new ways to embellish their surroundings. Implementing the proper type of lighting design is a unique solution to this challenging problem. Many people do not take the power of illumination into consideration when they are trying to showcase a particular room or space. Light has the ability to shape any area and evoke a variety of moods. The location and type of light fixture is vital to any Houston design, in order to achieve the best results.

Decorating your surroundings with the appropriate lighting design requires skill and knowledge. Many Houston residents are usually too busy with work and family to undertake such a task. However, not all is lost. Hiring a professional who knows what you are looking for, when it comes to fantastic lighting designs, may be the best way to go. The down side is that these professionals are few and far between, so your search could be a long one. No need to worry–your search is now over.

Illuminations Lighting Design (ILD) has some of the highest quality professionals in the business. Our award winning company has been helping people with superior custom lighting for over 25 years. Houston is the place we call home, and we are proud to provide top-notch service for all its residents and business owners.

What makes ILD so special? Our Houston experts are equipped with the knowledge to get your lighting design done right the first time. Many of our professionals take their broad education in lighting, art, and architecture and apply it to every theme. We work with architects, interior designers, custom homebuilders and owners to create the perfect design. Our services include, installation, maintenance, audio video, and even home automation. We also specialize in full design lighting and landscape illumination.

Houston deserves to look good, and there is no better way to bring out the beauty of this unique city than through the spectacular illumination ILD can provide. Our Houston design professionals know their tools, and how to manipulate light in order to create the ideal lighting design for all Houston residents. Experts working for our company are able to mold color, texture, form, and shadow to create the desired effect you are wanting. Superior equipment, along with a broad knowledge of lamp types, is needed in order to achieve this, and our experts have both.

A beautiful lighting design for any Houston home or business requires knowledge and patience. Our professionals take these traits and funnel them into the project at hand. We work hard with you to create the perfect illumination theme, and much of this is taken from your ideas and visions of the design itself. We use only the finest light fixtures in the business, and lay these out in the appropriate locations to produce a soft, even source of illumination.

No job in Houston is too big for us to handle. We tailor our consulting services according to each job and its unique requirements. People who are just moving to the Houston area can benefit from our full lighting package. We work with the client before they even move into their new Houston home, in order to get an idea of what their goals and objectives are. Our professionals will take these ideas and coordinate with the design team to mold out the most beautiful illumination possible. We are available for site visits during the construction phase to tackle any issues that may arise. Our goal is to keep the original lighting design theme on the right track. After move-in the true beauty of our work comes to the surface within your Houston home. We will fine tune all fixtures and program any control or home automation systems to the client’s needs.

Lighting in Houston should be unique and gorgeous. Illuminations Lighting Design is ready to take on any project, which requires an added touch of brilliance. Our professionals excel at what they do and are not satisfied unless you are. So explore the world around you in a new light and let ILD take control.

Contact us today at 713-863-1133 for a complimentary, in-depth consultation.

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