Lutron HomeWorks Lighting Control Systems


Imagine your landscape lighting slowly fading out as the sun rises while your bathroom lights power on with a soft to greet you as you awake.  As you get ready for work, the lights in your bedroom and kitchen come at an increasingly bright level, helping you get into gear for a morning in traffic and a day in the office.  While you read the paper over coffee, you touch a remote to raise the shades to let the sunlight in.  When you leave, you turn off everything with a single button, and after a hard day’s work, turn them back with a visor control as you pull into your driveway.

Regardless of the time, day or night, Lutron HomeWorks gives you total control and optimal convenience in programmed, user-friendly task, decorative, and security lighting control.

Consider the benefits that such a lighting control system will offer, and how it will enrich your lifestyle by making your residential lighting design an extension of your thoughts, will, and desire.  Illuminations Lighting and Design can equip you with this skillful blend of user friendliness and state of the art sophistication with a Lutron HomeWorks lighting control system.  Built upon a foundation of 40 years in lighting control innovation, Lutron HomeWorks represents a whole house lighting control solution that is fully compatible with home security systems and home entertainment audio/visual devices.   Not only does HomeWorks allow you more options and convenience in manipulating lighting effects and levels, but it also filters out externally induced voltage variance in order to stabilize lighting levels at the desired settings.  This in turn helps to buffer your home’s electrical systems from intermittent power surges and better protects your equipment from power spikes.

The strength of Lutron HomeWorks lies in three key elements integral to the system control software.  These key elements handle the intuitive, time function, and personalized control elements of your home lighting automation system.  Conditional logic gives the HomeWorks lighting control system the ability to behave intuitively, activating certain features of your program only after specific conditions have been fulfilled.  Exterior lights, for example, will only come on when system sensors determine it is dark.  Different lights can be set to turn on at the push of a single button, indicating that it is time for lunch and dinner. They can even add music to the lighting theme to set the mood for guests!  This blend of user control and automated functionality is made possible through flexible programming at the keypad control level and an astronomical clock that knows when sunrise and sunset will occur on any given day in your particular location.  This allows the system to be programmed to turn outdoor lights on at specific times before or after dark, and to turn them off again at a certain point at or around daybreak.  Many clients feel this home automation controls provide them with an additional layer of security lighting, because the lights can be set to turn themselves on before a person drives home after dark in the evening, or to come on just before sunrise when the homeowner goes outside to water the garden, check the mailbox, or grab the morning paper.

In spite of the high-end technology utilized by HomeWorks control system, ILD makes the system and new home wiring so user friendly that even children, guests and our clientele can use the system.  Lutron keypads can be engraved with labels that allow you to quickly remember, giving you quick, one-touch access to a 2-way command system that causes lights to respond in a fraction of a second.  Because today’s eclectic homeowner centers so many of his or her activities in and around the home, Lutron HomeWorks and Lutron Radio Ra lighting systems are optimized for multi-functionality and maximum flexibility.  Lutron Home works controls are aesthetically pleasing and designed to blend into a multiplicity of decorative themes and interior designs.  With simple commands to low profile wall units and remotes, you can control everything from art lighting in the living room to task lighting in the kitchen, or dim the lights, bring down the projector, and lower the window shades to watch a DVD in your state of the art home theater.

ILD is a licensed Lutron vendor and installation specialist firm with credentials who will customize your Lutron HomeWorks system to the interior architecture of your house and the core activities of your personal lifestyle.  It matters not if your home is a newly planned dwelling pending construction, or an older, historical home with character and established personality of its own.  With Lutron RF HomeServe technology, even homes with older wiring designs can be retrofitted with wireless Lutron Grafik Eye technology that controls everything from chandeliers, floor lights, desk lamps, bathroom lights, and utility lights over washroom and work areas. 

Click here to read more about ILD’s lighting control and home automation services, and call us Illuminations Lighting Design now for a free consultation and proposal of custom Lutron HomeWorks system tailor made for your personal lifestyle. We can be reached toll free at 800-863-1184 or online using our contact us form.

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