Lutron Radio Ra Lighting Controls

If you are seriously considering investing in residential lighting design, you might want to consider configuring your new system with Lutron Radio RA controls.  Radio RA lighting control systems provide homeowners with wireless, whole house lighting control over interior and exterior lighting fixtures.  They can be configured to control single fixtures, groups of fixtures within a room, different lighting levels, and various lighting themes reflective of mood and events within the home.  They can also be used to remotely turn the lights on and off when you return home from a trip.

Radio RA systems do not require new home wiring for installation.  This makes them very popular among owners of older, large homes and custom homes designed with eclectic interior architecture.  The intent of the system is to integrate itself into existing floor plans, interior structures, and fine art lighting fixtures seamlessly by using simple control unites and special radio RF signals to send user commands to various lighting controls along the network.

Many people are now investing in these advanced electrical dimming systems because of the new trend in home-based entertainment.  Home theater and whole house audio systems can transform a home into private cinema or virtual nightclub, and outdoor lighting and landscape systems can create a resort-like atmosphere in your own backyard.  Lutron Radio RA controls make operating these systems efficient and easy.  When installed by a professional design firm like Illumination Lighting and Design, they can be configured to provide an eclectic range of color, illumination levels, lighting automation, and touch pad control of very light fixture in and around the home.

A Radio RA lighting control system features a number of key elements that make it both multi-functional and multi-faceted.  At the heart of the system is one or more Master Control Units.  A master control unit relays user commands to dimmers and lighting power controls along the portion of the network it operates.  Master control units are available in both tabletop versions and wall-mounted versions to minimize electrical work or rewiring.  They are able to control up to 2,500 square feet of home lighting fixtures per unit.  Depending on the size of the home and the nature of the interior and outdoor lighting equipment, audio RA systems installed by ILD may have as many as 14 master control units on the entire home network.   These units feature single-button control of lighting in entire rooms, exterior architectural lighting of the house itself, and landscape lights around the property.  Master controls come in a variety of colors and styles to make them aesthetically blend into the surrounding interior design, and wireless units are available to provide ultra-convenience in portability.

Within different portions of the home, various interior lighting as well as exterior lighting themes can be programmed into the system and tied in with automation and manual lighting controls.  Dimmer switches are very popular because of the versatility of command control they offer the end user.  A typical Lutron dimmer can be tapped twice to turn lights on and off, manipulated manually to raise or lower lighting levels, and be set to leave the lights for a few seconds after you leave the room and then fade out the illumination.  Radio RA switches can be programmed to activate different combinations of light for different occasions.  In home theater lighting, a “showtime” button can be pressed to activate the low ambient theater lighting necessary for optimal movie watching.  After the movie, you can bring the lights up for “entertainment” or “games” and create a completely different look and feeling for the same room.

Radio RA controls can also be activated from remote units that attach to the visor in your car.  This allows you to turn your lights on remotely when you drive up to your home at night and offers and added benefit of security along with optimal convenience.

Radio RA lighting controls are user friendly but require a professional to install and configure.  For best results, a professional Radio RA vendor such as ILD can handle the installation of advanced, commercial grade lighting systems, equipment and customize the lighting in your home and yard to reflect the décor and activity within your home.  As a rising leader in home automation in the state of Texas, we can also integrate your Radio RA controls into your home network for direct computer control of for entertainment, relaxation, activity, hosting, and security all with one custom comprehensive system that can express your personal tastes, lifestyle, and ultimate convenience with the movement of a mouse and the push of a keystroke.  We can also install emergency backup generators to keep those lights on during power outages.

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