Office Lighting

ILD’s office lighting combines utility and aesthetics with designs that compliment the décor and artwork that makes the office a comfortable, as well as profitable, place to work.  Office lighting best contributes to function and form when approached from a layered lighting perspective that generates multiple lighting levels that add function to task and highlight key aesthetic elements for the purposes of productivity and atmosphere.  Illumination’s office lighting specialists first assess the nature and activities of an organization and how best to use light as an effective servant of the business.  Because light fills the room without consuming square footage, the margin for customization is as wide as the visual spectrum.  ILD’s vendor relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers of office lighting fixtures forms a solid product base to turn concept into concrete reality once we complete the initial phases of consultation and planning.

Our office lighting consultants begin by taking a tour of the facility we intend to illuminate.  We consider several things before installing the office lights themselves.  First, we look at the overall square footage of each room to determine the minimum amount of light employees require to move safely in that room and to perform their jobs without eyestrain.  We also carefully consider the purpose of the office itself.  An executive office often needs an intimate touch to reflect its privacy and glare-free task lighting optimal for highly intensive paperwork and computer activity.  Most executives also decorate their offices with ornate furniture and priceless works of art that also need specialty fixtures and high-end art lighting techniques.  Boardrooms tend to be highly focused facilities that sometimes need to point an audience’s attention toward a white board or projection screen at one end of the room.  The office lights here must illuminate the table for meetings but avoid distracting viewers from audio/visual presentations and guest speakers.  Administrative offices and accounting offices require specific levels of office lighting levels that produce visibility without glare on computer screens.  Cubicles and shared offices require some additional lighting effects that create the illusion of private space in one’s personal area and minimize the stress of having to share small quarters with coworkers.

The vast reservoir of office lighting fixtures our company brings to the table guarantees that for every lighting design we conceptualize we will materialize with an ideal piece of equipment.  For example, we often replace fluorescent lights in meeting rooms with recessed halogen office lights equipped with dimmers.  When the time comes for a presentation, the meeting facilitator simply has to dim the lights to levels optimal for viewing audio/visual media.  In executive offices and larger rooms with cove ceilings, we can utilize any number of bulbs ranging from low-voltage xenon to led strip lights to add the decorative touch of superior cove lighting at energy efficient levels.  We compliment exclusively functional rooms as well with office lighting designs aimed at making routine activity a comfortable experience.  With recessed kitchen lighting and selective cabinet lighting, we can replace the blinding fluorescence of generic ceiling panels with a more relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.  This works very well to motivate employees to eat lunch on premises rather than leaving and returning late.  Our office lighting team adds final touches to every design plan with specialty accent lighting and art lighting fixtures designed to add functionality to task and decorative appeal to art, statuary, and bookcases.  By combining all of layers of light in the foyer, we can set the theme for an entire floor and extend that theme throughout the building, making subtle changes in each office to create individual lighting accents within the overall design reflective of corporate culture and branding.

Light forms the foundation of everything that transpires in the workplace.  Mood, utility, teamwork, professionalism, and work ethic all hinge to a degree on the atmosphere and comfort levels of office lighting.  Our 23 years in the lighting design business has equipped us with a full service and product offering that can light the worlds of everything from mom and pops to the multiple building facilities of major corporations.  Contact a Illuminations Lighting Design specialist today at 713-863-1133 for an onsite assessment of your needs and how see how new light can create new motivation and opportunity for your company.

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