Outdoor Tree Lights

Trees bring an element of nature to any home and as such deserve to be treated with respect and illuminated with the very best equipment and design strategies.Outdoor tree lighting offers many aesthetic benefits to any homeowner desiring to capitalize on the multipurpose and multi-layering effects of professional outdoor lighting. Trees require special attention because they are living things that must be protected from electrical fire hazards and from physical damage caused by untrained workers.Illuminations Lighting and Design knows how to accentuate trees with outdoor lights that are energy-efficient and safe to operate regardless of weather conditions.This is important when one considers how long it takes a tree to grow, and how important it is to let only a licensed electrical contractor install outdoor tree lights with mounting and wiring techniques designed for environmental harmony.

Since outdoor tree lighting requires technicians to physically climb trees to mount the equipment, it is important to keep both the safety of the tree as well as the technician foremost in mind.We avoid using any type of equipment that can scar the trees themselves.Scarring from ladders and ropes can look inconsequential at first glance, only to leave the tree vulnerable to invasion by parasites and disease that can kill it in a year or two.We prevent this from happening by using climbing techniques that are tree friendly.We install outdoor tree lighting fixtures hidden from normal view angles, creating the illusion of light that mysteriously and spontaneously springs from the trees themselves.Because of this, the actual number of trees is relatively inconsequential.With a trained, professional eye, ILD consultants work with existing foliage and place outdoor lights in trees at optimal angles that maximize coverage and aesthetics.

By maximizing coverage, we can then use specific technologies to create different lighting effects.With Houston being such a cloudy city at times, and with the moon inconsistently visible for much of the year, ILD uses mercury vapor outdoor tree lighting fixtures to replicate natural moonlight.This allows us to create layers of light that accent décor and architecture.For homeowners who invest heavily in landscaping and three-dimensional art, outdoor tree lighting can bathe sculptures, fountains, and waterfalls in soft illumination.The combination of light and shadow that results offers a unique quality of illumination that enhances and compliments outdoor evening events. Tree lights also offer automation options for the busy homeowner.When installed with photocell controls, outdoor tree lights can sense when the sun goes down and turn themselves on.ILD can further automate outdoor tree lighting through a home automation system.This allows a homeowner one-touch control over features like multiple lighting scene selection and brightness control through dimmer switches.

Remember, Illuminations Lighting and Design works to create an artistic experience utilizing not only technology but also combination of technology with art works and home architecture.Each project evolves into a custom work of art unique to lifestyle and personal taste.Call us today for a courtesy consultation at 713-863-1163

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