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ild-art-lighting-project300Successful recessed art lighting requires awareness that light must complement a work of art without distracting the viewer’s attention away from the art itself. Nothing is more unsightly than a gangly wire or a recessed art lighting fixture improperly fitted to the piece. Recessed art lights differ from functional lights in the way they place light upon a subject. Rather than illuminating an entire area in the same fashion as ceiling lights or lamps, recessed art lights selectively place only necessary elements of the visible spectrum in precise locations on the work of art itself. The more invisible a fixture or bulb is, the more aesthetic its effect will be on decorum. Illuminations Lighting and Design has not only the knowledge of how to make light an actual element of artwork itself, but ILD also provides the entire necessary inventory of lenses, louvers and UV filters require for fine art lighting. Our tremendous selection of replacement sockets, transformers and lenses for recessed art lighting fixtures constitutes a veritable arsenal of creativity we can fire at will at any design challenges a client may face.

What makes Illuminations Lighting and Design so successful at recessed art lighting? Two key factors very difficult to find in a single company: customer interface and multi-disciplinary technical expertise. We expect our technicians to be good listeners and gather information first before beginning any project. Customers who invest in recessed art lights are in reality seeking to express an intangible sense of atmosphere and aesthetic through a unique combination of specific art lighting elements, degrees of illumination, and complementary sub themes within the home’s overall decorative theme. It is our first priority to make the intangible tangible by getting to know the client as an individual first and then extrapolating their general sense of vision into a specific plan for equipment and installation. Our many years of experience in recessed art lighting design have equipped us with a versatile approach to each new customer that allows us to deliver a custom solution far beyond generic wiring and fixture work. Our ability to understand fundamental architectural theory and both mainstream and custom-home construction techniques allows us to select just the right fixture for a specific task.

We also understand that fine art carries with it a timeless element that demands preservation. Recessed art lighting offers many advantages over other forms of lighting that minimize the risk of light damage to colors, oils, and canvases themselves. Recessed art lights offer greater control of the overall lighting system itself, allowing for not only pinpoint placement of light but also measured quantities of light that deliver a high color rendering without harmful wavelengths that degrade art elements. Illuminations Lighting and Design frequently employs specialized dimmer switches whose user-friendliness allows a client with little or no technical background to control light levels with a simple knob or switch. As a vendor of every major recessed art lighting manufacturer, we know as well which bulbs work best with each fixture and lighting control system we install. We offer additional options for home automation for those who wish to control their entire lighting system with a computer interface, and we never leave a client’s home without training them in the proper use of their new equipment and answering all of their questions.

Because we have acquired extensive experience over the years lighting art galleries and art show openings, we can implement a recessed art lighting layout in a private home that approaches museum quality in effect. This is not an idle boast, nor do we claim such projects are easy. To create an aura of sophistication requires an extensive inventory of recessed art lighting bulbs and fixtures that allows for unique combinations and flexible installation strategies. Almost all recessed art lights require fine-tuning after installation in order to ensure their illumination output provides just the right amount of light for each particular work of art. This is where the design element of our brand proves most effective, as few, if any, of our competitors will invest the energy required in combining the elements of recessed art lighting with the necessary out of the box thinking that personalized and custom solutions require.

If you have a vision or feeling in you heart you can’t quite put into words just yet, give us a call at 713-863-1133 and let our expertise and guidance help you manifest your personal creativity as a whole new experience in Illuminations Lighting and Design.

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